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Welcome to Paul's Australian BVE FAN Site

This site hosts my creations for BVE, the rail simulation software for the PC.

Currently I offer what I believe is a world first for BVE - a Steam Locomotive !

You can also download my BVE routes, Camden and Kurrajong.

There are also some tips on editing.

The BVE Steam Locomotive:

I decided to have a bit of fun & create a steam loco for BVE. This is the result.

The sound and graphics started life as 16 bit, 44 Khz stereo audio or digital photos from my own stock.

I have reduced the quality of the sound and graphics to save file size, but they still look and sound okay. The cab picture is a little blurry intentionally - sharp graphics looked unrealistic.

The brakes are currently 'BVE simple air' type.

With the exception of the speedo, the cab layout is authentic. The speedo is my own creation, but in a similar style to the authentic one. The steam pressure gauge needle is faked by using air pressure. The drift gauge is static / not modelled.

What's New?

6 May 01 - Site created, Steam loco files available.

7 May 01 - Locomotive Specifications & notes added. Lower quality (8 bit vice 16bit) Motor0.wav and Brake.wav audio files added to attempt to fix a compatability problem one person reported with BVE version 1 (Untested).

8 May 01 - Added 'Puffing Billy' (famous tourist loco) sounds from Phil in Australia (127kb zip). Added 38 class steam loco motor0.wav for a slightly different motor sound (25kb zip). English Train Editor file available.

9 Jul 01 - Finally finished my route. Also added a couple of slightly tweeked sounds for the 30 Class loco. You can re download the loco or just the updated files and overwrite. The route includes several new & unique 3D objects, transparency effects, and hilly terrain.

4 Dec 01 - Changed the look to make reading easier. Added some photos in the loco & Camden route sections. Added some screen shots of the soon to be released Kurrajong route. Added a texture mapping hints & tips with pictures in the tools page.

9 Dec 01 - It's done ! Kurrajong is now ready for download.

1 Feb 02 - Fine weather version of Richmond to Kurrajong route added.

15 Feb 02 - Bugger ! Bugs galore in the fine Weather version of Kurrajong. Must have had too many red wine's when I did it. Now fixed.



A screen shot of my steam loco at the start of my 10 mile Australian NSWGR branch line Campbelltown to Camden, circa 1962.


Crossing the Nepean River. Layered water effect !


At Narrellan Station. Includes a coal loader, 3D rollingstock and injector sounds.


Leaving Richmond on the Kurrajong Route - thunder, lightning and rain !